Why I LOVE photographing Dogs

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The Why | Dog Photography Bedfordshire


What I love most when photographing dogs is telling a story about your dog, about your furry companion. Dog Photography is not just taking a photo of a dog, it is about creating a lasting memory of your best friend. 
Capturing these special moments, catching your dog looking up to you with their eyes full of love, getting a shot of them blowing a raspberry or licking their nose with their big tongue. Photographing their muddy big paws in your hand, chasing leaves and laying down with a sloppy tennis ball between their paws. Capturing them living the moment and just being happy dogs, sitting down and letting the world go by ... and being with you. 
This is why I LOVE photographing Dogs. 
To create these memories for you. For you of your best furry friend.
Syren | Dog Photography BedfordshireSyren | Dog Photography Bedfordshire


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