A real Pawesome Treat

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Have a Pawesome Treat 

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and safe. With these uncertain times we have at the moment and as a small business owner myself, I was wondering how can we help each other. How can I help another small business?

So here we go. In the next couple of weeks, I will showcase a few wonderful little businesses. They are all run by some amazing people who make the best products out there for you and your dogs, all made with love. Everyone featured has an online shop option, in case you would like to order some treats, a bed or a coat. And you just know, your furry companions do need a new bow tie for their day at work with you in your home office and some tasty treats. And treats always win the day :)  So have a read and please do share it with friends.

Pawesome Treat 
I found this little business a couple on month ago. Recommended by a friend. We ordered some treats and The Beagles LOVED them all. They are all tail wagging good.

Our recommendation:

* Mint & Parsley Bites

* Chai Seed & Blueberry Bones

* Flaxseed & Tumeric Bites _________________________________________________________________________

I have spoken to Umesh, the owner of Pawesome Treat to let me know a couple of more details about her wonderful business for you all :) 

Website: https://www.pawesometreat.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pawesometreat/

Discount Code: BRIDGET20

The code above allows your followers 20% off across our range. (excluding sale and subscription products) ________________________________________________________________________________________

How long are you in business for?

The journey began full time when we moved back to the UK 12 months ago, we are approaching our 1 year anniversary on 20th April.

What made you start your business?

This journey all began because of our little boy Roscoe. When Roscoe was a puppy we brought treats from the store just like most people as we were under the impression it was healthy and beneficial, This was soon stopped after numerous trips to the vets and realising it was a grain allergy and many other food intolerances. Since the ordeal with Roscoe, we immediately changed his diet and he was given home-cooked treats, from this we could monitor exactly what was going into his food and ensuring he was receiving only the best. This turned into a passion and pawesome treat was founded.

What are you offering?

We have developed a range of treats which will grow week upon week ensuring there is a vast range of healthy gourmet, grain-free pet treats for our little ones. We ensure your dogs are getting treats from quality human-grade ingredients, which are natural and nutritious with no nasty surprises. 

As Roscoe has extreme food allergies this range has been developed to accommodate for all allergies and dietary requirements as we believe every dog should have a healthy and nutritious treat which tastes Pawesome!

What is the best thing about your business?

The best thing about our business is our amazing customers, we could not have begun or carried on this journey if it wasn't from the support of all our customer. Seeing their dogs reactions when eating our treats is absolutely priceless.
Are you having a shop or online only?

We are currently online only, however, can be found at various dog shows and craft fairs.

Any fun or interesting facts about your business ...

Our strangest request was to make a treat which would be suitable for a dog with 26 allergies and also develop a treat for a rabbit.

Anything special you would like to tell customers about you.

We are a couple who have a real love for animals and only ensure the best. We bake all our treats with love and want to ensure dogs receive the best. None of our treats fall out of a machine or come off a production line.


So, I hope you all enjoyed my first featured small business and hopefully you and your dog will fall in love with their treats as much as we did. The treats are all Beagle tested and The Beagles gave them 5 PAWS up. 

So check them out and please do share Pawesome Treat with your dog loveing friends. 

We all thank you for your support :) 

Love Bridget and The Beagles  ________________________________________________________________________________________

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