Furbaby Castings

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Furbaby Castings  

So, it is week 9 I think in kinda Lockdown here in the UK. We are now allowed to go to the beach (big big big hurray to this), go to see one person which is not living on our house and also visit garden centres. And I am very much looking forward getting back to work next month and meeting all your furry companions again. 

But as it is Monday (Day 57 of kinda Lockdown), it is time to introduce another wonderful little business to you all. I am sure lots o you already know Belle from Furbaby Casting, she is attending lots of Dog Shows and Agility Competition each year with her stall and her two dogs Ned and Rooby.

So check Belle's work out and as always please do share it with friends and support our small businesses. Thank you.  __________________________________________________________________

Furbaby Castings  

Belle is an amazing person, which I am so happy to be able to call my friend. We are stall buddies at shows, making sure we have tea and pimm's to get us through the show day and she is just the best person to have a good lough with.  Her paw prints are the best you can find  - not to mention her's are the original Furbaby Castings. 

Website: www.furbabycasting.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/furbabycasting_/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FurbabyCasting/

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/1705507669718880/

How long are you in business for?

Hey its Belle from Furbaby Casting. I have been in business for 5 years now. 

What made you start your business?

After completing a Masters in Fine Art & Ceramic, I spent a couple of years teaching adult education pottery classes. However the work was never full time and I wanted to be able to do something artistic, but not London based. Around this time, we adopted our second rescue Staffy, so my job had to work around them to. I looked at the elements of my life that I loved and tried to incorporate them in to my career.  

What are you offering?

I Bespoke Paw Print Casting for you and your pet. All pets I have casted, dogs, cats, ferrets, rats, tortoise, chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, horses ... you name it, I probably casted it. I also make memorial castings. 
What is the best thing about your business?

Meeting people who adore their pets. Thy are their Furbaby's.

And the memorial castings, they are the last tactile memory of their furry companion. It is something very special and I feel very honoured to be able to do them. 

Are you having a shop or online only?

My website is: www.furbabycasting.com

Due to the changes in all of our lives, our Furbaby Imprint Kits are now available online and we can make any of our bespoke castings from them. 

Any fun facts or interesting facts about your business ...

I have had an imprint kit fly to Hong Kong to cast a pig called Sir Percy Boar. The family were coming back to live in the Uk and has sadly leave Sir Percy behind. I have also delivered to Australia, Norway, New York and Washington. So yes, Furbaby Casting is global!

And anything you might want to add.

I am terrified of spiders. But I do did a casting of a snake.
So check them out and please do share Furbaby Castings with your dog loving friends. 

We all thank you for your support :) 

Love Bridget and The Beagles 
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