Steph Stewart Pawtraits

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Steph Stewart Portraits 

Happy May the Forth. Yes I am a bit of a Science Fiction Geek. I grew up with Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (I know that's Start Trek) and I am huge Star Wars Fan. So here we go, Lockdown Week No 6 and Day 42 here in the the UK. The sun is shining (of course it is), or local Italian reopened for Take-Away's, we had an Ice Cream from the Corner Shop on our walk and it almost felt a little bit normal. 

And you all know what a new week means. Yes. I am here to introduce another lovely small business to you all. Today it is Steph from Steph Stewart Portraits. Not only is Steph a lovely person, she is also painting the cutest portraits of your dogs. I had Porthos and Lucy painted last year and Archie will be don very soon as well. So check Steph's Art out and as always please do share it with friends and support our small businesses. Thank you. 
Steph Stewart Portraits 
I met Steph at one of the London Dog Events and fell in love with her small paintings. As mentioned in the last blog, I am very picky about paintings of my dogs, but I LOVE Steph's work. I am sure, you will do as well.  __________________________________________________________________

Steph Stewart Portraits 





How long are you in business for?

I've been drawing dogs for as long as I can remember! But I officially started offering pet portraits in December 2014.

What made you start your business?

I fell into it accidentally! My mums friend approached me, she knew I loved drawing, and was after a portrait of two adorable Ragdoll cats as a Christmas present. It was so rewarding to make an artwork that had so much meaning to the recipient. I then made an Instagram to document my drawings, and the word spread from there.
What are you offering?

I make custom, hand drawn and painted pet portraits. All I need is a photo! Dogs are definitely the most requested by far, but all pets are welcome! I have also made paintings of cats, parrots, horses, bunnies, chickens, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and a prairie dog (and the occasional human!) What is the best thing about your business?

The best part is hearing all the beautiful, and often emotional, feedback once the portrait is complete. There will often be happy tears. 

One client has her portrait hanging in the kitchen. Her beautiful boy has passed away, so she told me that the portrait now watches over every Sunday roast that comes out of the oven.  Our pets just bring us so much unconditional love, and I love that my skills can be used to make something so meaningful. 

Are you having a shop or online only?

My website is:

All prices are up on the website! You can order some directly in my online store, or just get in contact if you have any questions before ordering :)

Usually (when the world is normal!) I attend lots of events and pop ups over Spring and Summer in London, so I can meet all of your dogs in person!Any fun or interesting facts about your business ...

Any fun facts or interesting facts about your business ...

Definitely the most quirky request I've ever received, was when two people asked me to draw them 'as dogs.' I had to ask again to clarify what exactly they were asking for! They wanted me to imagine what they would look like if they were a dog. It was a really fun request, and it's fun combining small details like jewellery and personal jokes into the portrait :)

Anything special you would like to tell customers about you.

If you ever get in touch, it's just me you'll be talking to! I do my best to provide super personal and friendly service.

I love sharing in the excitement of gifting a portrait, and making the process something nice to look forward to :)


And anything you might want to add.

At the moment, in my online store, I have a free printable colouring in sheet! It's a big pile of sleepy cats that you can print out at home and colour in.


So check them out and please do share Steph Stewart Portraits with your dog loving friends. 

We all thank you for your support :) 

Love Bridget and The Beagles 
© Bridget Davey Photography 
*All Rights Reserved *

Professional Dog Photography around Beds, Bucks, Herts and London

If you would like to book your session, please contact me .


Thank you lovely Bridget! Thanks for supporting us small businesses :)
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