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Talisker and Fergus - Parkland Session

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Meet Talisker and Fergus or shall we say it the scottish way Gled tae meet ya. Why scottish you may ask.

Well, because I flew all the up from London to Edinburgh to meet these two for their photo shoot. 
For the photo shoot we headed to the beautiful Almondell Country Park in West Lothian. Located on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Specially in autumn, with all the golden and red colours, this place is truly magical.  

We explored the little walkways, wondered around the river edge and Fergus and Talisker loved sniffing around. This place is fantastic, specially when you are a puppy like Talisker and your nose if glued to the ground to sniff out naughty things. Fergus on the other hand, he was such a cool dude. So chilled and relaxed. A true gentleman. 
We crossed the river to get to the other side and I LOVED this old metal bridge. It was the perfect backdrop. Look at all those colours and textures. 

You can say what you want, old bridges, old industrial buildings, old walls are the perfect t backdrop for every single photo. And I am sure you can see why.  Time for the all important portrait. Time to shine. We chose the meadows for those, as we had all those trees as a background colour. And Talisker and Fergus did their human very proud. 
And what comes comes after working hard as a dog model? Right. Playing and having fun in the river. Talisker and Fergus are water doggies. Specially Fergus, he was faster in the water as I could throw his ball. And as the water was perfect and the doggies and the background was so amazing ... I took off my shoes and socks, pulled my trousers up and went in with them. I have to mention, I was flying back home after this shoot. The whole plane was full with business people ... I was sitting there with muddy and wet trousers, grass in my hair, smelling like dog treats ... It was so fun :D 
And as you can see, getting wet and muddy was totally worth it. So ... would I do it again, jumping in a cold river to get the shot? Yes of course! 
We walked back to the start of the walk along the rivers edge, where little Talisker decided to pose on the huge pebbles. His big brother Fergus trained him well. And isn't he a wee little superstar. 

And with this, the shoot was over. We walked for a couple of miles, had fun chasing leaves, jumped in a river and found an old cool bridge. What an amazing fun day with these two. 

I hope you enjoyed Talisker and Fergus adventure up in Scotland as much as he did. If you would like to book your own scottish photo shoot, message me and we can organise a fun day out in Edinburgh, Glasgow or the Highlands.  

A big Awooof from Bridget and The Beagles   


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