2021 - What a Year

December 31, 2021  •  3 Comments

2021 - What a Year  

- a little review of the last 365 days of ... life ... -     
2021 ... where do I even start ... Well, it all started with snow, yes we did have 1 day of snow here and yes I did do a snow angel in a parking lot. It was lockdown after all and for me this means "What happens during lockup - stays in lockup". Thank god to be brutally honest, as things happened ... just saying .... 
So, thankfully I was still allowed to work and I was honoured to meet some of the cutest doggies for their adventure sessions. And I have to say, the one good thing of lockups ... city sessions are a dream. Less people and cars - which means less editing :) This is the only good thing I will ever mention, which lockup had. 
The months went on, the days got longer and Spring arrived, so did the end of a very very long winter. Thank god for Grape Juice (people who know me will understand). April came and we escaped to Wales with The Beagles. We climbed (almost, thank you acrophobia) Snowdon, met lots of sheep and tried to speak welsh.

In May we drove 7h up to The North, better to explore Scotland. We went on the Harry Potter train, went canoeing at Loch Tay and explored the mystical Highlands. I have to say, Scotland is truly stunning and we can't wait to return. 

In June we discovered the beauty of the North York Moor, we found the most amazing ruins, went on mile long walks and went on another steam train. The Beagles and us are steam train lovers. 

July - yes Freedom Day! This meant I could finally fly to see my parents and old friends in Germany, after 11 long month. And we did had a blast, exploring caves, hanging bridges and fairytale towns.  And in between all the adventures, I had the first dog shows since 2019 and I met a so many dogs for their Happy Dog Sessions. So much fun and I just loved to be back, laying in the mud and getting wet kisses. September made us go back to the Peak District for lots of walking and exploring.

And in October, yes in October I had my first long haul flight since 2019, to visit my wonderful friend Karen in Canada. We went to see the Niagara Falls, drunk wine, laughed a lot and had the best time.

So not to bad so far ... until November came and let's say it this way, lots of swearing at the TV, because of new restrictions (booh) and lots of cancelled plans again. 

December, we had fun at the (english) Xmas Market with Gluehwein and Bratwurst , discovered the magic of Kew Gardens at Night, went to Panto twice, went to the Westend and supported local hospitality a lot. So yes, this was 2021. Full of exciting things, lots of wine, lots of swearing, lots of walking, lots of head shaking. 

But we discovered new beautiful parts of the UK and I feel, we made the best out of a bad deal.

Thank you so much to my wonderful clients for braising everything what was thrown at us this year, from the weather to restrictions. We still had a blast and I can honestly say, you all and your doggies really made my year and kept me going. So a BIG BIG Thank you to you all.

So here is to 2022. May the next year be full of adventures, full of laughter and happiness.

Happy New Year to you all. A big Awooof from Bridget and The Beagles   


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Bridget Davey is a Professional Dog Photographer, working around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, capturing the essence of your dog with all their cuteness and silliness.  


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Absolutely beautiful work!
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