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August 02, 2022  •  1 Comment

Cooper - Milton Keynes City Walk 

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   We all know London. And that London is an awesome backdrop for photos. 

BUT. Did you know you don't need to venture to London for cool city shots with your dog? Why you might ask. Well., we have Milton Keynes right on our door step and this city has some amazing locations. From glass fronts, cool walkways, pretty parks, art work ... colours. You name it. 

So come and join me and Cooper for a city dog walk in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. 
Today we explored the area around The Hub. Known for bars and restaurants, less known for its modern cool architecture. Which is pawfect for me as a Dog Photographer, as I can play around with colours, surfaces and backgrounds. 
Milton Keynes also has some pretty nice high buildings, which are also the perfect background. And lots and lots of bokeh. Yes this is the magic word for us photographers and the funny thing is when you ask someone to say it, everyone spells is differently. So here we are, taking advantage of the pretty lights of the restaurants to create something bokehlicious. Yes you learned another new word today :p 

And lots of benches to get the up shots :) 

And even those old grubby bike racks are good for something. Well they are if you are a photographer and don't mind getting down on the street. Thankfully London trained me well, specially when you shoot around Camden on a Sunday morning .... 
Did I mention the colours. Yes, Milton Keynes has lots and I LOVE it. 
And reflections. If you know where to look and where to find them ... And if you know me, I do LOVE a good reflection shot :D 

After all this posing it was time to let some steam off. Thankfully in Milton Keynes there are lots of parks and quiet walkways, which are perfect for those running and action shots. And Cooper did us proud and ran like the wind. 
Last part of the shoot, getting some more portraits done and capturing this city and its spirit together with Cooper. 

I hope you have enjoyed out little tour about a city I like to call Milton Keynes. I never shot in the middle of this city before and I was very surprised by how cool this city is. So, no need to drive to London for a City Session, Milton Keynes is rocking it.

Let's do a pawsome Milton Keynes City Walk. 

A big Awooof from Bridget and The Beagles   


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Bridget Davey is a Professional Dog Photographer, working around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, capturing the essence of your dog with all their cuteness and silliness.  






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We were really pleased with how the photos turned out, and are looking forward to seeing them on display at Milton Keynes City Walk.We love dogs, and we love taking their photos. We want you to see what we can do with your dog, so please contact us today if you'd like to book a photo session.
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