Hodge The Cat | Southwark Cathedral

August 08, 2022  •  1 Comment

Hodge The Cat - Southwark Cathedral 

- Professional Pet Photography London -       Did you know that today is International Cat Day? It is the day to celebrate one of the most common and also ancient pets. Cats have been worshiped as gods for centuries, starting with ancient Egypt. Cats do know, they are the ones who rule the world. They are cool, independent, they are diva's, adventurous and don't forget, Cats have 9 Lives. So here is to the Cats - the true kings and queens of this world. 
But for now, let me introduce to you all - Hodge. 
Hodge is the resident cat at London's Southwark Cathedral.
Hodge was rescued by the Catcuddles Sanctuary, a small cat charity with a big heart, who is offering kitties a home from home environment in a network of foster homes across Se and N London.

Check them out on Twitter: @catcuddles

To find out more about Hodge, follow the link below: 


I first met Doorkins Cat a couple of years ago for the first ever Southwark Cathedral Photo Shoot. Sadly Doorkins passed away, but call it fate, Hodge the Cat moved in and kept the tradition of the Southwark Cat alive. 
I met Hodge last year for the second Calendar Photo Shoot of the Southwark Cat. And what can I say, Hodge rocked it. 

Hodge is also very much in touch with his fans. So do check Hodge out on Twitter or Instagram. 




So next time you are visiting London, plan a visit to the Southwark Cathedral and see if you can find Hodge exploring or snoozing on the Deans chair.
Hope you have enjoyed my little blog about Hodge the Cathedral Cat.

Keep your eyes open for our 2023 calendar :) 

A big Awooof from Bridget and The Beagles   


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Hodge The Cat is a cute cat game that you can play on your iPhone or Android device. The goal of this game is to free the cats from their cages and bring them to the rescue center. The gameplay in Hodge The Cat is very simple. You just have to tap on the screen to jump and avoid obstacles while running through the maze. Visit this http://bestwritingsclues.com/reviews/essaypro-review/ site for best gameplay. If you run into an obstacle, then you will die. This means that you need to be quick and careful when playing this game.
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