Fry | New York Session

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Fry - The New York Session 

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When you are a Dog Photographer and LOVE travelling and mix the two together ...  

Welcome to New York City 
If you are following me on Instagram you will know I can not sit still for very long and travelling is in my blood. In Germany we call it Wanderlust and it is what it says the lust to wonder and travel the world. But you will also know I am a Dog Photographer and it is just natural that my two biggest passions will meet and create something special. So sit back and enjoy Fry - New York Edition. 
I followed Fry's Instagram page for a while and I do love corgis and you know, if you don't ask, you don't get. So here I was sitting in my office and messaging a Corgi from New York. And surprise his humans got back to me and we set up a session. 
My reason for going to New York was to meet up with friends, but why not combine work and pleasure. So here I went, walking from Broadway to Central Park. Yes I know it is a LONG LONG way, I might underestimated how long it was. But good to getting my steps in and I do love to walk.  We started Fry's session at the little lake with a very cute little stone bridge, which is called the Gapstow Bridge. Built in 1869 and located near the Northwest of Grand Army Plaza at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.
From there we wondered along the park, barked at squirrels and found the best photo spots. Like those old wooden benches. They are so New York, well for me as a tourist they are and I love the texture. The next photo shows the other famous bridge at The Lake, build in 1862 for pedestrians which is famous as one of the most romantic spots on the park.  
Next up on our Central Park Photo Shoot was the famous Bethesda Terrace and fountain. Both overlooking the south shore of the lake in Central Park in New York City. The Bethesda Fountain was completed in 1873 and the terrace in 1867.  The fountain is a perfect spot to people watch, sit down and see the world go by. And most of the time there will be some musicians there, playing jazz or some other beautiful music for by passers to enjoy. 
From the Lakes, to the Fountain to The Rock. New York City is build on granite and you can view one of those giant boulders right here in Central Park. Umpire Rock, also known as Rat Rock, stands out from the ground and is named after the rats which used to swarm there at night. This is your weird fact of information of the day btw. The boulder if located in the southwest park of the park, arrived here during the ice age, is 55 feet wide and up to 15 feet tall. The views from the rock are amazing and you can see most of the skyscrapers of 59th Street from here. And of course, I had to put little Fry up there, who looks like the King of New York City up here.  I hope you enjoyed mine and Fry's New York Photo Shoot Edition. More adventures to come.

I will end the blog with a selfie of Fry and I. Dog Selfies are tradition :)  And if you have a dog in a special location or city around the world, do get in touch. I would love to explore your city with you and your dog and capture what makes it so special. And in any case, I am off to Belfast in Northern Ireland soon and in need of a model. So get in touch :)

A big Awooof from Bridget and The Beagles   


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Bridget Davey is a Professional Dog Photographer, working around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, capturing the essence of your dog with all their cuteness and silliness.  



Woowwww gorgeous photos Bridget. What an adventure
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