FAQ & Session Info

Before your Session

Every session is designed to suit you and your amazing pet. My aim is to create stunning photos of your beloved furry companion for you to hang on your walls and make you smile every day.

After you filled out my contact form, I will give you a call or email you to discuss your session and answer all your questions prior to the shoot. We will have a chat about your pet, what will happen during the shoot, set up the location and also discuss what products you would like for your home. 

A couple of days before the shoot I will give you a call to confirm date and time. 

The Session

After we meet at the location, your dog(s) can have a good sniff through my bag and can get to know me. If your dogs are nervous around new people, we will sit down, have a chat, so they feel ok with a new person around them. After they and you are happy and comfortable, we can start shooting. 

During the shoot your dogs can run free at most locations. They can play ball or chase leaves. Photos will be natural, but there will be posing involved during the session to get the shots you would love to hang on your walls.

After The Session

If you are like me, you can not wait to see your pets images. To make the waiting time easier, I will send you a Sneak Peek a day after your shoot, which you can share with your friends. 

The rest of your photos will be professional edited by myself and present to you about two weeks after the session in my office.

Viewing & Ordering Session (V&OS)

Your V&OS will take place in my office over a cup of tea or coffee and I will present you your images during a slideshow.  After you have seen the world from your pets perspective, we will select your favourites images and decided on the products you want to hang on your walls or present on your coffee table. To secure your order on the day, I will take a small deposit and email you an invoice for the remaining balance. After the payment has been completed, your order will be send to my professional printing specialist. Please note, from this point onwards orders can not be changed. 

Please have a look through your home prior to your V&OS session and also measure your wall space, so we can order the right size canvases or frames from you.

After your products arrived with me, they will be quality checked and delivered to your door or you can pick them up from my office. For clients from further away, the order will be sent straight to your home. 

Printed Products

All products I am offering are printed in the highest quality. I am working together with one of the leading printing companies in the UK. I am not offering high street or home office prints. 

Frames are hand crafted and canvases are hand stretched with colours made to last. 

In addition, with any purchased printed product you will receive a small watermarked file which you can use to share on Facebook.

Payment for Products

I am accepting Card Payments, Cheque and Online Bank Transfers.

As soon as the full payment for your products has been made and cleared, your order will be sent out to my Printing Lab. As soon as it has been sent out, the order can not be changed or cancelled.

I do not order any products before the full payment has been made and I do not offer monthly payments.  

Where can I have my Session? 

I am based in Beds, Bucks and Herts and London, surrounded by beautiful landscape with ancient woodland filled with Bluebells and Heather, the Gand Union Canal, picturesque villages and grand heritage sites. There are so many locations for you to choose from and we can discuss this prior to your session.

I am also offering London Signature Sessions, which are perfect for the cool city dogs around the block. 

For Cats I will visit you in your home and will explore your cats world in their very own Kingdom. 

For Horses we can go out for a walk in the beautiful countryside or the session can be held in your yard and a nearby field. 

Can I be in the Photos? 

Yes of course you can. There is nothing better then a photo together with your furry best friend. 

Just keep in mind to wear suitable clothing with plain colours, so they don’t clash in the pictures. And if you have some colourful cool sneakers or some awesome heels, please bring them with your for some super cool photos.

My Dog does not sit still or needs to be on the Lead

Don’t worry. Most of my furry clients want to run around and chase leaves. 

I do have some great tricks to get your dogs attention, to look up to me and to stand still for at least two seconds to get the shot. Plus we will get some great shots follow them around, capturing them, exploring parts their kingdom and see the woods with their eyes.

You can also help in doing some pre shoot training for sits and stays with some very tasty treats.

The lead - Lots of my furry clients need to stay on their lead, as exploring the outside world is far more interesting, then posing for the camera. So don’t worry. I will carefully edit the leash out in post production and you will never notice it was there in the first place.

My Pet is nervous

Some pets are nervous in new situations or with new people. We can always choose a more familiar location for the shoot, like your local park, so they feel happier. 

Your pet will also have time to get to know me and my camera, sniff my bag and test my treats, before we start the session. Their happiness is my main interest. 

If your pet should get to stressed, we will reschedule and go from there.

The Weather

As we all know, the British Weather can change quickly. 

If we should have rain or a stormy day, we will reschedule and find another date which suits you. 

Digital Products

Photos should be printed and hang on walls, to make you smile every time you look at them. 

However, digital files are available to purchase as add one products only. They are premium products and are more expensive then prints. Digital files are for your own personal use only and can not be used for social media, for competitions for free or for profit. 

The copyright for these images always stays with myself, Bridget Davey Photography. 

In addition, with every purchased photo, you will receive a small watermarked file which you can use to share on Facebook. Story Books are exempt from this. 

Please note, I can not guarantee the quality and finish of the products you choose to print yourself or have printed from a hight street printing service.  

You are responsible for safe storage of your digital files. If you should loose the files, they have to be purchased again. 


Gift Vouchers

* Gift Vouchers won at Charitable Events can not be given to a or/or used by a third part or a charitable organisation for an event or a raffle without my consent and they can not be sold! 

If you would like to donate a session for a Charity, a Group Walk or a Riding Event, please get in touch to discuss all the details. 

* Gift Vouchers do not include any digital files if not stated otherwise.  



* Gift Vouchers won at Charitable Events can not be given to a third party without my consent and can not not be sold!